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The Island of Dr. Moreau

The Island of Dr. Moreau


by H. G. Wells

Montgomery Timeline and Summary

  • Aboard the Ipecacuanha, Montgomery takes in the injured Prendick and nurses him back to health. The two become good friends.
  • Davis sets Prendick adrift, and Montgomery takes pity on his new friend, taking him to the island instead.
  • When Prendick discovers Moreau's secret, Montgomery tries to explain but Prendick takes a swing at him with a bit of wood.
  • Montgomery helps Moreau chase down Prendick, so Moreau can explain the truth.
  • When Prendick and he go to the hot springs, they discover a dead rabbit. Montgomery reports the news back to Moreau and joins the hunt of the Leopard Man.
  • When Moreau chases after the puma, Montgomery goes looking for Moreau. He, Prendick, and M'ling find that Moreau and the puma have killed each other.
  • Prendick and Montgomery destroy all the experiments in Moreau's lab.
  • Distraught, Montgomery takes up drinking. He invites M'ling and other Beast Folk to join him.
  • The party lasts all night. Montgomery uses the only ships on the island as wood for a bonfire.
  • Montgomery and some Beast Folk fight for an unknown reason. Everyone involved is killed except Montgomery who is badly wounded.
  • Prendick makes it to the beach just in time to hear Montgomery's last words.
  • Montgomery is buried at sea.