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by Bram Stoker

Count Dracula Timeline and Summary

  • Decides being a vampire in Transylvania is boring; not enough people to kill.
  • Contacts lawyers in Great Britain to act as his agents in buying a house.
  • Invites a young lawyer, Jonathan Harker, to his home in Transylvania to hammer out the details.
  • Saves Harker from his vampire brides, but promises to feed him to the ladies later.
  • Ships off for England.
  • Arrives in the form of a dog, having eaten or frightened to death every member of the ship's crew.
  • Starts feeding on Lucy Westenra, a local beauty.
  • Stirs up trouble at the local zoo by causing a wolf to escape.
  • Uses wolf to gain entrance to Lucy's house.
  • Turns Lucy into a vampire.
  • When the undead Lucy is killed by Van Helsing and his buds, Dracula turns attention to Mina.
  • Gets caught in the act of feeding Mina his blood.
  • Makes a break for Transylvania.
  • Gets knocked off a cart when practically on his own doorstep, and is then stabbed through heart.
  • His body turns to dust; his soul is freed.