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by Bram Stoker

Dr. John Seward Timeline and Summary

  • Seward meets Lucy Westenra and falls in love.
  • He proposes and is rejected.
  • Seward throws himself into his work to avoid brooding over Lucy.
  • He becomes interested in a peculiar case at work: Renfield, an odd man who is obsessed with flies, spiders, etc.
  • Lucy gets sick; Seward is called in to help.
  • Lucy gets worse; Seward gives her a blood transfusion.
  • Lucy dies.
  • Seward finds out Lucy has become a vampire and is distraught.
  • Seward witnesses her real and final death and helps cut off her head.
  • Seward agrees to help find and destroy Dracula, the vampire who started it all.
  • Seward travels to Transylvania with the rest of the Crew of Light and helps kill Dracula.
  • Eventually he gets married and lives happily ever after.