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by Bram Stoker

Lucy Westenra Timeline and Summary

  • Lucy finishes school and immediately has a string of guys interested in marrying her.
  • She chooses Arthur Holmwood, soon to be Lord Godalming.
  • Lucy travels with her mother to the seaside town of Whitby, where she's joined by her friend Mina.
  • Lucy starts sleepwalking and has weird dreams.
  • One night she sleepwalks all the way up the cliff above town in her nightdress. Whoops.
  • She feels weaker and weaker.
  • Her old suitor, Dr. Seward, doesn't know what to make of her sickness and calls in Van Helsing.
  • Van Helsing gives her stinky garlic flowers to hang in her room and calls them medicine.
  • Lucy continues to get weaker, and eventually dies. Sort of.
  • Lucy becomes a vampire.
  • Lucy starts capturing local children and drinking their blood.
  • Van Helsing and Dr. Seward catch her in the act.
  • They call in Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood to help, and Arthur stakes her through the heart, allowing her to die for real and rest in peace.