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by Bram Stoker

Mina Murray Harker Timeline and Summary

  • Mina is worried: she hasn't heard from her fiancé, Jonathan, in ages.
  • She's also worried about her friend, Lucy, who keeps sleepwalking.
  • Finally she gets a letter with news about Jonathan—he's sick in Budapest and she has to go take care of him.
  • They get married in Hungary.
  • Jonathan tells her that he's had a bad shock, and that the answers are all in his journal. If she reads it, she shouldn't tell him about it.
  • She decides not to read it, and they return to England.
  • They inherit a lot of money.
  • Mina's worried about Jonathan—he seems weak and uncertain, and thinks that he saw Count Dracula in London.
  • She reads Jonathan's journal and doesn't know what to think about the vampire story.
  • She finds out that her friend, Lucy, is dead, and gives her journal to Dr. Van Helsing so that he can learn more about Lucy's final months.
  • She asks Van Helsing about Jonathan, and finds out that the vampire story is legit.
  • She teams up with Van Helsing and some other guys to hunt Dracula down and kill him. They leave her out of all the planning and send her to bed early.
  • She has weird dreams, and wakes up feeling weak. We get hints that Dracula has been visiting her at night.
  • A few days later, Dracula comes to her again, drinks her blood, and forces her to drink his. Now she's connected to Dracula telepathically.
  • This is an awful feeling—especially when she realizes that sacred objects, like the Holy Communion Wafer, now burn her skin.
  • She gets hypnotized repeatedly so that Van Helsing and the others can find out where Dracula is.
  • She travels with the men to Transylvania and witnesses Dracula's final death.