by Bram Stoker
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Dracula Technology and Modernization Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

My friend John and I have consulted; and we are about to perform what we call a transfusion of blood – to transfer from full veins of one to the empty veins which pine for him. (10.19)

Blood transfusions were a relatively new procedure in 1897, and believe us, they weren't pleasant operations. The needles doctors used were huge!

Quote #5

Then with swiftness, but with absolute method, Van Helsing performed the operation. (10.28)

Van Helsing is the epitome of a good scientist – he does everything efficiently, yet precisely.

Quote #6

Telegram, Van Helsing, Antwerp, to Seward, Carfax (Sent to Carfax, Sussex, as no county given; delivered late by twenty-two hours) (11.56)

Sometimes technologies can fail. Your computer can crash the night before an essay is due, or a telegram can go to the wrong address, resulting in the girl you love being bitten by a vampire.

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