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by Bram Stoker

Dracula: That’s Not a Hickey True or False

1. Why does Count Dracula enlist the help of Jonathan Harker?→To reunite him with his long-lost brother, Count Chocula
2. Which trait of Dracula’s freaks out Harker?→His ability to shatter glass just by looking at it
3. What does Harker realize once he is inside Dracula’s castle?→That the statues seem to be alive
4. Who discovers Harker when he is trying to leave the castle?→Three female vampires
5. What malady overcomes Harker before he can return to England?→A brain cloud
6. Where does Harker stay to recuperate?→A Hungarian convent
7. Why is Van Helsing needed?→To slay the dragon outside the gate of the castle
8. What happens to Lucy after she dies?→She is cremated and her ashes are scattered into the river
9. What does Harker do just before returning to England?→Gets married
10. What would have happened if Dracula hadn’t been caught and killed quickly?→He would have murdered two innocent children