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by Laurence Yep

Black Dog Timeline and Summary

  • Black Dog enters and tosses a steel knife at Moon Shadow, telling him he'll need it before long.
  • Black Dog is kicked out of an opium den; he has stolen from a lady and beaten her up.
  • He taunts the Justices and is about to be killed if not for Windrider's shrill whistles.
  • He's knocked out by Windrider in order to take him back to the Company.
  • Black Dog has a month of obedient behavior, not messing around with opium for once.
  • Black Dog tells Moon Shadow about his love for opium. He beats Moon Shadow up after pulling on his queue. He steals the bill money Moon Shadow's collected.
  • He hides out at the Sleepers but is semi-prepared when Windrider comes to seek revenge for his son. He gets in a sword fight with Windrider, but he has bullies fighting on his side too.
  • Black Dog is kicked out of the Sleepers Association.
  • He rummages through the Lees' stuff in the Oakland barn. Moon Shadow finds him, and Black Dog ridicules Moon Shadow and his dad for putting so much wasted time into the airplane dream. They get in a fight and Black Dog threatens to kill Moon Shadow if Windrider doesn't fork over their savings. He gets the money and runs away.
  • Black Dog is found in an alleyway with his throat slit and his wallet stolen. Glamorous ending, we know.