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by Laurence Yep

Dragonwings Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

It will go on after me, for this Company is an idea. It is a dream – a dream that is much older than you or I and only slightly younger than the world: Men must help one another in dangerous times and places. (2.59)

For Uncle Bright Star, the Company is the dream to believe in and work for.

Quote #2

But finally it was time for me to return to my mortal world. It was reluctantly that the Lord said good-bye to me and added, "We will save a place at the banquet table for you. You will be eating with us soon, though, if you just remember to watch for the tests and hold to the dragon-ness within that softskin body. Now fare you well." (3.85)

Windrider finds strength in his everyday human life by holding on to the hope that he will one day return to a dragon's existence. This suggests that his dreams for the future can only be attained if he acts accordingly in the present.

Quote #3

"Were you really going to bring Mother over here?"

"It's only a dream of ours, Shadow," Father said gently. "Before I left home, your mother and I secretly agreed to do it could be managed; but I'm more likely to fly again in this life than to bring our mother over here."

"But perhaps you will fly," I said. "What better test of your dragon-ness than if you could fly in a softskin body? And if you could do that hard task, Uncle would have to believe you were once a real dragon, and then he would respect you even more than he does and he would do what you say. Then you could bring Mother over." (4.97-99)

In this excerpt, we see how Father's flying dream is really an extension of Moon Shadow's dream of having his parents and him together in one place. Could it be that Moon Shadow supports Father in hopes that his own dream will come true as a result?

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