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Dragonwings Fear Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

I was afraid of the Golden Mountain, and yet my father, who lived there, wanted me to join him. I only knew that there was a certain rightness in life – the feeling you got when you did something the way you knew you should. I owed it to Father to obey him in everything – even if it meant going to such a fearful place as the Golden Mountain. (1.34)

Though Moon Shadow is afraid of all the unknowns of the Land of the Golden Mountain, his larger sense of duty to family extinguishes his fears.

Quote #2

"Trust to your hands and do not think about what you are doing." The Dragon King added, "And do not fear. No harm will come to you if you fail. I called you here as my old friend." (3.43)

The Dragon King's mandate to Windrider fortifies him with a sense of impossible failure. In this way, belief in the supernatural empowers Windrider with a sense of purpose and confidence.

Quote #3

"These are wings, if you have the courage to use them," the Lord said.
I looked dubiously at the wings. They seemed fragile things. But I was ashamed to let the Lord see me frightened after all the things he had said about the former me. (3.54-55)

The Dragon King's self-assured faith in Windrider makes him feel silly for ever doubting himself.

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