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by Laurence Yep

Dragonwings: Hands Down the Most Delicious Part of the Dragon True or False

1. Of what is Windrider a master? -> Eggshell art
2. What is the name of Moon Shadow Lee’s family member who is prone to exaggeration? -> Sneer Lip
3. What happens on Moon Shadow’s first night in America? -> A brick is thrown through one of the windows
4. What does Windrider tell Moon Shadow he wants to build? -> An airplane
5. Where do Windrider and Moon Shadow find Black Dog, and then rescue him from being shot? -> Inside of a bank vault
6. What does Robin share with Moon Shadow? -> The secret to maintaining flawless skin, per her latest issue of Glamour
7. Of what is Jack, the leader of the neighborhood boys, afraid? -> Being punched in the nose
8. What causes the city to fall apart? -> The San Francisco earthquake of 1906
9. What do Moon Shadow and Windrider name "Dragonwings?" -> Windrider’s creation
10. What does the Company offer Windrider? -> A partnership in the laundromat