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by Laurence Yep

Moon Shadow Lee Timeline and Summary

  • Moon Shadow talks with Grandmother about the Land of the Golden Mountain, learning about the murder of Grandfather.
  • Moon Shadow announces to Mother, Grandmother, and Hand Clap that he wishes to go to Father in America.
  • Though the narrator is afraid of what demons might say or do, he boards a ship with Hand Clap to San Francisco.
  • Moon Shadow and Hand Clap are kept in a containment building before he is heavily questioned by U.S. officials about his family's life and his father.
  • Moon Shadow holds his chest of possessions close to his body as he walks toward the crowd of Tang people.
  • He meets his father, Windrider, and Uncle Bright Star. He hugs his father.
  • As he follows Uncle and Father to the Company, Moon Shadow is disgusted by the look and smell of the towns they pass.
  • Moon Shadow enters the Company's building and meets White Deer and Lefty. The Company dines together.
  • Moon Shadow receives gifts from each of the Company men.
  • Moon Shadow meets Black Dog, who gives him a knife.
  • Moon Shadow sees his shared room with Father.
  • He sees and is afraid of the electronic machines in the room.
  • Moon Shadow hears Father's dream about meeting the Dragon King.
  • Moon Shadow gets the gift of a carved wooden Monkey from Uncle.
  • The narrator goes to school with other Tang children, but finds the Company more educational.
  • Moon Shadow goes on wagon routes with Windrider.
  • One day, a demon boy hurls stuff at Moon Shadow and Father during a route.
  • Moon Shadow learns how to count time according to the Tang and demon way.
  • Moon Shadow writes his first letter to Mother and Grandmother.
  • Moon Shadow goes with Windrider to track down Black Dog. He sees the horrors of an opium den.
  • Moon Shadow is responsible for collecting overdue bills from laundry customers.
  • He gets in a fight provoked by Black Dog. He's knocked unconscious and comes to in the Company building.
  • Moon Shadow follows Windrider downstairs when he leaves in the middle of the night.
  • He helps Windrider fight some of Black Dog's cronies, saving him from a pistol.
  • Moon Shadow and Windrider decide to flee the Tang people's village after Windrider kills a man about to murder his son.
  • Moon Shadow meets Miss Whitlaw and Robin when he and his dad move into their stable.
  • He has his first sip of milk and bite of gingerbread cookies. He loves the cookies and finds the milk disgusting.
  • Moon Shadow really digs the Whitlaws' stained glass window with the dragon. He has a good feeling about Miss Whitlaw, too.
  • Moon Shadow brings jasmine tea over to Miss Whitlaw, spending his half hour of daily free time with her.
  • He has a run-in with the mean neighborhood demon boys. They taunt him with racial jeers. The threat of their presence scares him from using the water pump.
  • Moon Shadow goes with his father and the Whitlaws to the sand dunes to test out a glider model.
  • Our narrator is really into the dime novels that Robin shares with him.
  • He writes to the Wright brothers in hopes of helping Windrider with his dream of building a flying machine.
  • This turns into a regular correspondence.
  • They all go to the sand dunes and enjoy a picnic. They take turns flying the glider.
  • Moon Shadow prepares squid for dinner, afraid to go outside until Robin tells him about Jack's fear of being punched.
  • He goes outside and punches Jack in the face.
  • The Lees and the Whitlaws go outside to stargaze. Moon Shadow distracts his father from missing Mother too much.
  • The father and son are saving up money to send to Mother and Grandmother.
  • Moon Shadow smears honey on the Stove King and burns the picture. He then replaces the picture with a new one of the Stove King in the kitchen.
  • He is super-happy to go back to the Company to celebrate the Feast of Pure Brightness.
  • Moon Shadow experiences the earthquake of 1906. He is frightened by seeing the street around him crumble. He helps pick apart the rubble to find survivors. He and Robin prepare food for the workers.
  • He goes with his father and the Whitlaws to Golden Gate Park.
  • They go back to the Company with Lefty. They return to the Park together.
  • Moon Shadow marches with a mass of Tang people when authorities gather "Chinamen" and parade them around San Francisco.
  • Moon Shadow is happy to rebuild the Tang people's village, but he is sad to learn that his father wants to leave to pursue his dream.
  • He stands up for Windrider's dream in front of Uncle. He volunteers to go with Father.
  • Moon Shadow moves to a barn in the Oakland foothills with his father.
  • He gets a job as a grocery delivery boy. He's super-busy and tired all the time.
  • Moon Shadow writes to Mother and Grandmother to tell them about the changes with him and his father.
  • After Moon Shadow gets a special letter from Mother, he vows to really show his love for Father by supporting him. But he's pretty much been doing just that this whole time.
  • Moon Shadow finds Black Dog rummaging through his bed. That's not cool. They get in a fight that is stopped by Windrider.
  • He calls the Whitlaws to let them know not to come the next day, seeing as how Dragonwings is a project no-go.
  • Moon Shadow wakes up to find the Company at the door. He is ecstatic for the good news of their support.
  • Moon Shadow helps the Company drag Dragonwings up the hill. He is so thrilled and happy for his dad when Dragonwings flies.
  • Moon Shadow sits with Robin and reflects on how lucky he is.