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by Laurence Yep

Dragonwings: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "Trust to your hands and do not think about what you are doing."? -> Dragon King
2. Who said, "Well, he's the biggest boy in our school, and yet I happen to know personally from Maisie, his sister, that he'd rather die than let anyone know he was afraid of being hit in the nose, 'cause he's scared of the sight of blood – especially his."? -> Windrider
3. Who said, "Not because I believe in your crazy dream. Call it an old man's whim if you like."? -> Windrider
4. Who said, "Dragons protect their own brood."? -> Windrider
5. Who said, "Give it more string. It smells its home."? -> Windrider