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by Laurence Yep

Uncle Bright Star Timeline and Summary

  • Uncle Bright Star waits with Windrider to greet Moon Shadow at the dock.
  • Over dinner, Uncle shares his disapproval of Theodore Roosevelt's business policies.
  • Uncle Bright Star gives Moon Shadow a pair of boots as a welcoming present.
  • When Black Dog crashes the welcoming party, Uncle expresses his disappointment that his son didn't show up to greet Moon Shadow earlier.
  • Uncle Bright Star sheepishly gives Moon Shadow a beautiful wooden Monkey that he has carved.
  • Uncle expresses his concern when Moon Shadow goes on the laundry routes with Windrider in demon territory.
  • Uncle plays Chinese chess with White Deer and voices his disapproval of Windrider's pipe dreams.
  • Uncle Bright Star defends his disapproval of Moon Shadow's mother coming to America.
  • Uncle gets into a huge fight with Windrider about his flying dreams.
  • Uncle semi-apologizes to Windrider the next day.
  • Too proud to admit that he wants help, Uncle forbids any of the Company to look for Black Dog. But then he leaves the building abruptly.
  • Uncle is shamed and upset when he finds out that Black Dog has hurt and stolen from Moon Shadow.
  • Uncle warns Windrider and Moon Shadow about living outside the Tang people's village.
  • Uncle gives the father and son couple a porcelain cup with a bit of Chinese soil in it, even though he's annoyed with Windrider.
  • Uncle is in a good mood when he sees Windrider and Moon Shadow for the Feast of Pure Brightness.
  • Uncle refuses to leave the Company building after the earthquake, but finally agrees to vacate when all of the men lay their lives on the line. Uncle looks forlornly at the Company building for the last time.
  • Uncle agrees to have the Whitlaws in the Company's tent in Golden Gate Park. He appreciates Miss Whitlaw's plum brandy.
  • Uncle goes with Windrider to the Whitlaws' tent and bonds with Miss Whitlaw over talk about the Transcontinental Railroad.
  • Uncle meets with the other Tang community leaders to figure out how to present an ultimatum to the demon authorities to let the Tang people return to their land.
  • Uncle Bright Star is outraged when Windrider tells him he wishes to pursue flight again.
  • Uncle shows up at the Lees' barn and helps them push Dragonwings up the hill. It is only when Uncle teaches the rest of the Company a chant he learned while working on the railroad that the work really gets done.
  • Uncle insists that Windrider let him loan the money for rent and to buy into the laundry partnership.
  • Uncle is distraught when Black Dog is found with his throat slit in an alleyway.