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by Laurence Yep

Windrider Lee Timeline and Summary

  • Windrider greets his son for the first time at the dock.
  • He introduces Moon Shadow to the Company.
  • He presents Moon Shadow with a butterfly kite that he made.
  • When Black Dog gives Moon Shadow a knife, Windrider takes it for safekeeping.
  • Windrider excitedly shows Moon Shadow all of his gadgets, from earphones to a lightbulb.
  • Windrider shares his dream of meeting the Dragon King with Moon Shadow.
  • Windrider takes Moon Shadow with him on his laundry pick-up and delivery route. He tells him about how Grandfather died, and about how hard Windrider's first years were in America.
  • Windrider helps a stranger on the road with his automobile. He declines the tip and Mr. Alger gives him his business card.
  • Windrider and Uncle get in a tiff about his dream of flying.
  • Windrider goes with Moon Shadow to look for Black Dog. With a shrill police-like whistle, Windrider saves Black Dog from being shot. Then he knocks him out and brings him back to the Company.
  • Windrider finds Moon Shadow after Black Dog knocks him out. He seeks revenge and beats Black Dog up. He kills someone while defending Moon Shadow.
  • Windrider rises early to figure out a job situation with Mr. Alger and boarding with Miss Whitlaw. He and Moon Shadow go to demon territory.
  • Windrider builds shelves in the stable. He cleans up before meeting Miss Whitlaw, and he presents a picture of the Stove King.
  • Windrider reads aeronautical books to Moon Shadow every day for half an hour.
  • He walks with his sons and the Whitlaws to the sand dunes to fly a glider model.
  • Windrider's upset when Moon Shadow goes to the Wright brothers and Miss Whitlaw for help without telling him. But he soon gets over it.
  • Windrider adjusts his models every time a new letter arrives from the Wright brothers.
  • When the crew goes to the sand dunes next time, Windrider ties a copy of Lefty's poem to the tail of the glider. He then cuts the glider free into the sky, saying that there will be lots more.
  • Windrider stargazes with his son and the Whitlaws on the back porch. He tells the story of the Cowherd and the Spinning Maid and misses his wife terribly.
  • Windrider is happy to see Old Deerfoot and agrees to have the Company pick him and Moon Shadow up for the Feast of Pure Brightness. He is delighted to be in good terms with Uncle again.
  • Windrider experiences the earthquake and helps Miss Whitlaw urge the neighbors to help the community.
  • Windrider realizes before most people that the lack of water is a bad sign, especially if there are fires afoot.
  • He goes to fetch a wagon and returns convinced that the disaster has brought out evil in some people.
  • Windrider helps the Whitlaws get their possessions from the house.
  • Windrider and Moon Shadow go convince the Company (well, Uncle really) to go to Golden Gate Park.
  • Windrider insists on watching the Whitlaws' camp so that they can join the Company for a feast in the Park.
  • When it rains and Uncle is in danger of catching a cold, Windrider cleverly asks him to deliver apples to the Whitlaws with him.
  • Windrider and the Tang community are forced to march around San Francisco by demon authorities.
  • Windrider is super-ticked off that the authorities are taking advantage of the Tang people, and that the form of resistance is still working within the rules set up by the Man.
  • Windrider sees the Whitlaws off to Oakland.
  • He tells his son that he wants to pursue his dream of flying. Windrider brings this up with Uncle, who beats him down until Moon Shadow speaks up with his support.
  • Windrider and his son move to a barn in the Oakland foothills. Windrider brings a bunch of disinfectants and goes to town in attempts to remove the stink. When the chemicals don't work, Windrider lights incense.
  • Windrider gets a job as a mechanic, but he busies himself with airplane work every free second.
  • He builds up an airplane that he calls Dragonwings, following the Wright model and adding wheels on the bottom.
  • Windrider finds his son and Black Dog in a fight. To save his son, Windrider throws their savings at Black Dog.
  • Without the rent and wagon money, Windrider knows they must move, without Dragonwings. He and Moon Shadow find hope in each other and the thought that they can build another Dragonwings.
  • Windrider wakes to find the Company in the barn. He happily shows them Dragonwings and tells them all about it in layman terms.
  • Windrider agrees to letting the Company loan him money for rent.
  • Windrider goes into the flying contraption after the team has pulled it up the steep hill. He is off and flying, living the dream until it crashes.
  • Windrider is knocked unconscious and has a couple of ribs and his leg broken.
  • When Windrider wakes up, he tells Moon Shadow that his dreams have shifted. He wants to focus on family now that he has sated his dream to fly.
  • Windrider agrees to take Uncle's loan to buy into the laundry partnership.
  • Windrider goes to the Middle Kingdom to come back with Mother.