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Dry September

Dry September


by William Faulkner

Henry "Hawkshaw" Stribling Timeline and Summary

  • Hawkshaw tries to get the men in the barbershop to understand that further investigation must be undertaken prior to rash action.
  • The men don't listen to him.
  • He leaves the barbershop and finds McLendon and three other men preparing to look for Will.
  • While riding to the ice plant, Hawkshaw continues trying to reason with the men.
  • At the icehouse Hawkshaw participates in the initial beating of Will and in his abduction.
  • Back in the car, Hawkshaw asks McLendon to stop and let him out.
  • McLendon refuses and Hawkshaw jumps from the vehicle, in spite of Will's understated plea for his continued presence.
  • Hawkshaw walks back toward town.
  • When McLendon's car passes Hawkshaw hides, but can see that only four men are left in the car (meaning that someone, probably Will, was left behind).