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Dry September

Dry September


by William Faulkner

Minnie Cooper Timeline and Summary

  • Minnie, now almost 40, was popular as a girl, but despised as a young woman.
  • Her friends all got married, but nobody proposed to her.
  • When she was about twenty-six, she began dating a widower, a bank clerk.
  • The town scorned her and labeled her an adulteress.
  • Now she lives a bland life, made up only of shopping, walking and film watching
  • On Saturday night, Minnie gets dressed to go to town with her friends.
  • She seems nervous and shaky.
  • As they walk to town she calms down.
  • When they reach the town square she gets nervous again.
  • She hears rumors of Will's situation, and feels men watch her with her eyes.
  • In the movies Minnie begins laughing hysterically.
  • Her friends take her home and try to quiet her down, especially when her laughter becomes intermingled with screams.