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Dry September

Dry September


by William Faulkner

Dry September Part 4 Summary

  • (Note: Part 4 addresses what is happening to Minnie while the events of Parts 1 and 3 occur.)
  • Minnie isn't doing so well this Saturday night as she dresses for the evening meal.
  • Her hands are shaking as she tries to deal with fastening her dress and combing her hair.
  • She puts on "her sheerest underthings and stockings and new voile dress" (4.1).
  • Her friends come in and ask her if she's up to leaving.
  • Minnie's friends' eyes have "a dark glitter" (4.1). They tell her that when she has recovered from "the shock" they want full details (4.1).
  • Minnie calms down as they walk through the dust, darkness, and heat, toward town.
  • When the town square becomes visible she starts shaking again.
  • In the square she seems vulnerable in her pink dress.
  • She's shaking even more, walking more and more slowly.
  • People are talking audibly about her.
  • Someone asks someone else what happened to Will. Another person replies that Will is OK, that "He went on a little trip" (4.3).
  • All the men, even the young ones, take their hats off to the women, and watch Minnie's hips as she walks past them.
  • Her friends ask her to notice that there aren't any black people out.
  • They get to the movies.
  • Minnie is excited. When the movie starts things will be better. She wouldn't start laughing right away, but save it.
  • Minnie and her friends sit where they always sit, positioned to watch the young couples walking into the theatre.
  • She starts laughing.
  • People begin to stare and her friends take her out of the theater.
  • Minnie continues laughing until the taxi comes.
  • Back home her friends take off her clothes, get her in bed, and call for a doctor.
  • They cool her with ice and fan her.
  • At first the ice helps keep the laughter down, but soon Minnie is laughing and screaming at the same time.
  • The friends tell her "Shhhhhhhhhhh!" (4.8).
  • They check to see if there is any gray in her hair.
  • One of them asks the other if she thinks "anything really happened?" (4.9).
  • Their eyes glitter mysteriously.
  • Part 4 ends with this quote: "Shhhhhhhhhhh! Poor girl! Poor Minnie!" (4.9).

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