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Dry September

Dry September


by William Faulkner

Dry September Part 5 Summary

  • McLendon gets home at midnight.
  • His house is neat, and tiny, painted green and white.
  • When he gets into the house his wife gets up from the chair in which she's been sitting.
  • McLendon looks at her until she looks at the ground.
  • He tells her to look at the clock.
  • She's holding a magazine, and she looks tired.
  • McLendon reminds her that he doesn't like it when she waits for him. He moves toward her, glaring.
  • She says his name.
  • He grabs her shoulder.
  • She says she couldn't sleep.
  • He hits her and at the same time throws her down on the chair.
  • She watches as he walks out.
  • McLendon takes his shirt off violently, using it to soak up his sweat.
  • When he gets to the screened-in porch where they sleep, he takes his gun, and puts it on the table next to his bed, then takes off the rest of his clothes.
  • Sweating fiercely, he uses the shirt again.
  • He stands pushed up on the screen "panting" (5.7).
  • Everything is quiet under the moon and stars.

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