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Dry September

Dry September


by William Faulkner

Dry September Resources


"Remembering Faulkner"

A conversation about Faulkner on his hundredth birthday.

Faulkner Interview

A fantastic Paris Review interview with Faulkner from 1956.


"Finding Faulkner, Forging a Different Path"

Some words on Faulkner from the mayor of Oxford in 2005.

Faulkner's Nobel Prize Speech

We love the accent, and the speech.


The Author
William Faulkner, looking dramatic.


The Nobel Foundation

A brief biography of Faulkner, his acceptance speech, and links to other Faulkner resources.

William Faulkner on the Web

This is a great resource for any Faulkner enthusiast. Here you'll find biographical information, details on Yoknapatawpha County, and much more.

Faulkner's "Featured Author" Page

From the New York Times.

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