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by James Joyce

Dubliners: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. When Farrington's boss asks Farrington, "Do you take me for an utter fool?," how does Farrington reply? -> Are you sure you want to know?
2. When Gabriel Conroy and Miss Ivors are dancing, she says to him, "I have a crow to pluck with you?" What does she mean? -> She likes Gabriel's speech, but thinks he should have used more Irish words.
3. Who is Mr Kernan talking about when he says, "God! I never saw such an eye in a man's head. It was as much as to say: I have you properly taped, my lad. He had an eye like a hawk."? -> Hawkeye Jones
4. Who begins a conversation by asking, "What a pity there is such a poor house to-night! It's so hard on people to have to sing to empty benches." -> Mrs Kearney
5. Whose dying words are "Derevaun Seraun! Derevaun Seraun!" -> Dumbledore