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Early American Immigration Images

Ugly Stereotypes

In the eyes of famous cartoonist Thomas Nast, blacks and Irish are equal... and equally stereotyped.

"Chinese Must Go!"

California Workingman's Party ticket, Santa Cruz County, California, 1878. Note the crude "Chinese Must Go!" cartoon atop the ticket.

Anti-Chinese Mob in SF

Workingman's Party mob outside San Francisco City Hall, 1877. "No Chinese!" reads the placard at left.

Anti-Chinese Agitator

Denis Kearney, leader of the California Workingmen's Party.

Know-Nothing Patriotism

A Know-Nothing Flag from the 1850s. "Native American" in this context means not "Indian" but rather "native-born white citizen."

Nativist Politics

Ex-President Millard Fillmore runs for president on the Know-Nothing ticket in 1856. Note the slogan at bottom: "I know nothing but my Country, my whole Country, and nothing but my Country."

Potato Blight

Police evict starving Irish tenant farmers from their land during the Great Famine

"Coolie Labor"

Chinese immigrant workers build the transcontinental railroad.

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