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Easter Wings

Easter Wings


by George Herbert

Easter Wings Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. If "Easter Wings" had no shape on the page, how would that change its meaning? In other words, what meaning does the poem gain from its shape? Unless you think the shape takes away from the meaning…
  2. What would the poem "Christmas Wings" be about? How might the religious ideas in this poem transfer to a poem about the Christmas holiday?
  3. Why are Adam and his fall only obliquely mentioned? Why not just go for the gold and tackle it straight on?
  4. Is Herbert's alliteration effective in conveying meaning? 
  5. Why are the two stanzas so similar? Does the second stanza say anything that the first stanza doesn't already take care of?
  6. Besides birds, what other animal could Herbert have used for similar poetic impact?

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