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Easter Wings

Easter Wings


by George Herbert

Easter Wings Resources


Words by Walton

Izaak Walton's contemporary biography of George Herbert is rich with unexpected gems. For instance, this story about Herbert's mother: "having entered Edward into Queen's College, and provided him a fit tutor, she commended him to his care, yet she continued there with him, and still kept him in a moderate awe of herself, and so much under her own eye, as to see and converse with him daily." How's that for some mother-son love? Or did we mean helicopter parenting?

The Temple Online

Click through online transcriptions of all Herbert's poetry.


Sing It

In case you wanted to buy a $5 vocal solo of "Easter Wings" and perform it at your next talent show. Hey, there are worse ways to spend a Lincoln.


The Originals

Check out images of each stanza of "Easter Wings" from Herbert's original manuscript.

Stanza 2

And here's the second half.

Print It

Here's an image of "Easter Wings" in the first printed edition of The Temple. Why do you think the layout is different than in Herbert's own manuscript (see above)?

Easter Portrait

Check out those long lovely tresses.

Articles and Interviews

The Life Behind the Temple

Here's an extremely thorough biography of George Herbert with loads of good stuff about other contemporary poets.

Essay Fest!

Check out a vast collection of academic essays and student essays on all aspects of Herbert's work. You could be here for hours.


Why would one guy carry a copy of Herbert's poetry everywhere he goes? The answer lies here.

Critic's Pick

Here's an in-depth book review of Helen Vendler's important study of Herbert's poetry. For a link to the very book under review, head to "Books."


Vendler Does Herbert

This commentary and analysis hails from one of the most famous poetry critics in the field.

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