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Jerry Heller, Ruthless: A Memoir (2007)

Ruthless is a fascinating look at the founding of Ruthless Records and the relationship between music exec Jerry Heller and Eazy-E. After N.W.A. disbanded, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre went out of their way to blame Heller for the breakup, citing unfair contract deals. Heller, who is Jewish, was the target of some very nasty attacks, especially from Ice Cube, who was later accused of being anti-Semitic based on some of his comments. Ruthless sets out to tell the other side of the story, but it's really more of a tribute to Eazy-E and his role as the godfather of gangsta rap. Heller provides an insider's view on the challenges and controversies he and Eazy faced from their first meeting in 1987 to Eazy's death from AIDS in 1995.

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