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Boyz N The Hood
Boyz N The Hood
by Eazy-E
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Boyz N The Hood Video & Audio

Dynamite Hack: "Boyz N The Hood"

A hilarious, laid-back rock cover of "Boyz" featuring croquet, sweaters, and a country club.

Eazy-E: "Real Compton City Gs"

A post-N.W.A. Eazy responding to Dr. Dre's disses from his Chronic album. Eazy frequently visits the idea of a "studio gangster," a rapper who only becomes a gangsta behind the microphone, in contrast to a "real Compton city G."

Dateline NBC interview with Eazy-E

An early 1990s interview with Eazy and other rap moguls exploring the topic of gangsta rap just as it was hitting a mainstream high. Eazy's segment addresses the reality thread you can find in "Boyz N The Hood."

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