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Echo and Narcissus Resources


Theoi thinks Narcissus is sexy, too.

Narkissos? Huh? Yeah, the Greeks spell things, um, differently.

Movies and TV

Hercules, Hercules!

Keep an eye out for a purple Narcissus in Disney's old-school flick.

Historical Documents

You found a what?

Here's some news coverage of the 2004 Oxford discovery of new version of the Echo and Narcissus story. It never gets old.


Bjorn Says "Love Thyself"

What do you think? Does the song scream Narcissus? That's what it's called, after all.

Sing It, Alanis

Alanis can get pretty feisty, and she's not psyched about the Narcissus-like guy in this song, either.

Tcherepnin. Say it three times fast. We dare you.

Here's some lovely music from Nikolai Tcherepnin's ballet, Narcisse et Echo. Be cultured, take a look.


Narcissus gets Dirty

With vampires.

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