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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 11 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Bella meets the whole werewolf clan at the bonfire. She marvels at the love one of the werewolf boys, Jared, shows toward his "imprinted" other – a girl named Kim. Leah Clearwater, Sam's rejected old flame, and Jacob's young and eager cousin, Seth Clearwater, are also present. After a werewolf-sized hot dog dinner, Billy Black begins to tell the legends of how the werewolves came to be.
  • Werewolf history begins with the story of the spirit warriors. When the Quileutes were driven from their land by another tribe, some of the warriors used their ability to leave their bodies in order to return home, where they wreaked havoc on the intruders by turning natural elements and animals against them.
  • After the Quileutes' victory, their chief, Taha Aki, ruled the tribe in peace until one of his warriors, power-hungry Utlapa, made plans to overthrow Taha Aki. One day when Taha Aki left his body to roam the woods in spirit, he took the chief's body and killed his own, making it look like Taka Aki's work.
  • Out in the woods, Taha Aki met a big wolf. Terrified of being without a body for so long, he asked the wolf to share his body with him: a werewolf was created! When Utlapa killed one of his best warriors, Taha Aki's rage transformed him into a man with the strength of a wolf. He killed Utlapa. Taha Aki's passed his gift to transform into a wolf to his many sons, all the way down to the current werewolves.
  • Quil Attera shares the second story of how the vampires arrived. When people of Taha Aki's tribe went missing, he sent his sons to find them. Vampires murdered all but one of the missing people. After more casualties, the sons learned to fight the vampires by working together as a werewolf pack: they had to tear them into pieces and burn them to destroy them completely.
  • One day, a beautiful vampire woman decimated the village. Taha Aki's wife stabbed herself to death to distract the vampire so that Taha Aki could kill her. Her sacrifice for love fascinates Bella.
  • The war between the vampires and werewolves ended with the arrival of the Cullens. Carlisle Cullen convinced the chief at that time, Ephraim Black, that they meant no harm and the two formed a treaty to stay off each other's territory.
  • When Edward picks Bella up from the bonfire, she's still mesmerized by the stories, which carry over into a nightmare, starring her as Taha Aki's wife.

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