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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 17 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Alice has turned the house into a first-class nightclub. Bella just wants to get the party over with. She learns from Jasper that the Cullens haven't been able to mobilize any support from friends. They're desperate.
  • When the guests arrive, the Cullens, including Bella, adopt their smiling host roles. To Bella's and everyone's surprise, Jacob shows up with Quil and Embry in tow.
  • Jacob gives Bella a handmade gift: a bracelet with a miniature wooden wolf dangling from it. He apologizes for kissing her. Bella forgives him and thanks him for the gift, but her attention is with Alice, who's had a vision. Jacob senses Bella's fear and insists on knowing what's going on.
  • Reluctantly, Alice reveals that she saw the vampire army coming to Forks, for Bella. By association the whole town is in danger. Bella decides she needs to sacrifice herself and meet them before they get to Forks.
  • Jacob believes that it's the werewolves' job more than the Cullens' to protect Forks from vampires. He and Alice agree that if the Cullens and werewolves join forces, they can easily conquer the vampire army:

    Alice was on her toes, Jacob leaning down toward her, both of their faces lit up with excitement, both of their noses wrinkled against the smell. (17.178)

  • Jasper sets up a strategic meeting in the forest at night to instruct his family as well as the werewolves on how to fight the newborns.

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