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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 18 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • The unlikely alliance with the werewolves puts the Cullen family in a state of euphoria. Not Bella. She fears for the werewolves. "They were just oversized, over-muscled children" (18.7). She blames her bad luck for putting everyone in danger. This reminds her that Victoria is still out to kill her. She has another epiphany: what if Victoria is the secret creator behind the army?
  • Edward doesn't believe Victoria would have the knowledge to build an army. He's still convinced that the army is the work of the Volturi clan, but he considers Bella's theory a possible option.
  • At the meeting, the Cullens are surprised to see ten werewolves appear. The pack has grown, but Bella can't make out the identity of the other wolves.
  • The werewolves watch while Jasper exemplifies his fighting tactics by having members of the Cullen family stage mock fights against each other. Bella is mesmerized by the speed and skill of all of them. Alice turns out to be particularly fast. Bella wants to help as well, but Alice tells her no, and that she'll be monitoring Bella to prevent her from putting herself in danger.
  • After the meeting, Edward communicates to the werewolves via his mind-reading skills that they'll meet at the same time the next night. Before the pack leaves, they all do a round of sniffing the Cullens, so they'll be able to distinguish their scent from the bad vampire scent, to not make mistakes later.
  • In the light of early dawn, Bella finally recognizes Jacob as the big, shaggy russet-colored wolf. Before the wolves leave Jacob approaches Bella. Edward and the Cullens watch with disgust as he licks her face.
  • Later, Jacob reappears in human form to discuss where to keep Bella safe during the day of the fight, so the vampire army won't be able to pick up her scent. It turns out that Jacob's "dog" smell obscures Bella's smell to a vampire nose. They plan to use Bella's smell to leave a false trail for the vampire army right to the Cullens and werewolves, while Jacob will bring Bella to a place deep in the woods.
  • Jasper suggests that Bella's actual presence on the scene might make it even easier to kill off the newborn vampires, because her smell would drive them wild, but Edward and Jacob vehemently object to his plan. Bella's safety comes first.
  • Jacob decides to assign Seth, the most recent addition to the pack, the job of guarding Bella during the fight in a secret place in the woods, far away from the scene of battle.

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