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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 19 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • When Bella awakes late in the morning, Edward notices the bracelet Jacob gave to her. He asks if she'd accept a hand-me-down from him, since she refuses any kind of big presents from him. She says yes.
  • Bella brings up Jasper's plan to have her in the clearing. She wants to help, but to Edward that's not an option. He promises that they don't need her help. When she warns him that she'll persuade Seth to let her go, Edward mentions that Seth has to listen to Jacob's orders. He reveals that Jacob is second in command. Bella also learns that Leah Clearwater has turned into a werewolf.
  • The two keep arguing about Bella's involvement in the fight. Bella sets an ultimatum. Either Edward lets her help, or he has to sit out the war with her:

    I was sorry. I hated to make him do this. Not enough that I could fake a smile and tell him to go on ahead without me. Definitely not that much. (19.151).

  • Edward agrees to stay with her.
  • Alice "baby-sits" Bella while Edward is out hunting. She's bummed that Edward will miss "all the fun" (19.164). To excuse Bella's absence during the coming fight, they tell Charlie that the Cullen family is out camping for the weekend and that Alice needs Bella to keep her company at the house. Edward surprises Bella with the news that Alice is going hunting with the rest of the family, and that he'll stay with Bella alone in the house.
  • During the nightly strategic meeting in the woods, Bella watches the mock fights, leaning against werewolf Jacob:

    It was strange. Even though he was in this bizarre form, this felt more like the way Jake and I used to be – the easy, effortless friendship that was as natural as breathing in and out. (19.294)

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