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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 2 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • At Forks High, there's lots of graduation excitement. Bella, on the contrary, feels anxious, because she knows she's about to "graduate" from her human life soon. She offers to help Angela send graduation announcements to prove to Charlie that she's making an effort to hang out with other friends. Bella sees Alice having a vision, but both Edward and Alice avoid her questions about it.
  • Bella and Edward get a bit steamy with each other. When Bella pushes for more, he pulls back. Bella says she isn't sorry. Edward responds, "And I should feel sorry that you're not sorry, but I don't" (2.85). He's clearly torn between his desire to be more intimate with Bella and his fear that his vampire instincts will get the better of him.
  • Edward urges Bella to use the plane tickets Esme and Carlisle gave her for her birthday to visit her mom Renée in Florida. The urgency in Edward's voice makes Bella suspicious. When she asks him about Alice's vision, Edward tells her that it doesn't concern her. There's nothing for Bella to worry about.
  • During dinner, Edward tells Charlie about the plane tickets. Charlie wants Bella to go but not with Edward. During the ensuing argument between Bella and Charlie, Bella threatens to move out if he doesn't ease off on Edward. Charlie surrenders.
  • After Bella and Edward spend the evening with the rest of the Cullens, Bella finds Charlie still awake at home. He gives her a very awkward sex talk, in which Bella reveals she's still a virgin and that she has no immediate plans to change that status. Charlie urges her again to do the "right thing" (2.280) and see Jacob.
  • Bella decides to visit Jacob before Edward returns to spend the night with her. But Alice warns Edward of her plans and he disables her truck. Bella is furious.

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