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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 21 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • The morning of the battle starts out windy and cold. Alice tells Edward and Bella to take warm clothes, because it will snow in the mountains. Edward packs camping gear. To keep Charlie safe, Billy Black has invited him to go fishing in La Push.
  • Alice has "seen" that Bella and Edward plan to get wed in Vegas without inviting her. She guilt-trips Bella into letting her arrange her wedding.
  • On their way to meet Jacob in the woods, Bella cuts herself. Edward examines the wound. He reveals to her that he got over the draw of her blood:

    "…having experienced the way it feels to think I've lost you… my reactions have changed. My entire being shies away from any course that could inspire that kind of pain again." (21.133)

  • Jacob arrives. He's curt with Edward, but immediately cheers up once he's alone with Bella. On their way to the hiding place Edward chose for Bella, Jacob notices the addition to Bella's bracelet. He asks Bella if she's thought about their kiss. Nope. She hasn't. Jacob believes that she needs to kiss more than one guy to know what she wants. "You could kiss me, for example" (21.218).
  • Jacob claims that she likes him better as a werewolf, because she doesn't have to pretend she doesn't like him. Bella responds that she likes him better in that form because he can't talk.
  • Bella confides to Jacob that she forced Edward to stay with her during the fight and that she blames herself for her selfishness. Jacob acknowledges that he wouldn't have stayed if she'd asked him to. "That's because I know you better… you wouldn't be mad at me afterwards" (21.257).
  • Prompted by Bella, Jacob explains why he's second in command in the werewolf pack. According to his lineage he should be chief, but he refused to take the position, because he's still struggling to accept his werewolf vocation.
  • Jacob and Bella meet up with Edward, who has set up a tent. Jacob decides to stay the night and switch places with Seth the next day. It starts to snow, a storm brewing.

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