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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 23 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • When Bella wakes in the morning, Jacob is still asleep. She asks Edward to help her disentangle herself from Jacob. He pushes him too roughly and they almost get into a fight. Bella makes Edward apologize.
  • Jacob leaves to join the other werewolves on the battlefield.
  • To distract themselves from the impending battle, Edward and Bella list their ten best nights together. When Edward mentions that one of them was when she accepted his proposal of marriage, they hear a heart-shattering cry of pain. It turns out, Jacob heard every word they said and Edward knew.
  • Bella tries to run after Jacob, but Edward stops her. He promises to bring Jacob back so she can tell him to his face.
  • Bella hates the pain she's caused both Edward and Jacob by not making a choice between them. "I was selfish, I was hurtful, I tortured the ones I loved" (23.157). She struggles with the reason why she hasn't been able to let Jacob go.
  • Edward returns with Jacob then leaves, to give Bella a chance to talk with Jacob in private.
  • Bella apologizes to Jacob. She promises that she'll be out of his life forever. Jacob responds that he's decided to die in battle – unless Bella asks him to kiss her. She does, of course. Their kiss cracks Bella's self-control and she finally realizes that she's also in love with Jacob:

    I loved him, much more than I should, and yet, nowhere near enough. I was in love with him, but it was not enough to change anything. (23.272)

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