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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 24 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Snap Decision

  • When Edward returns, Bella confesses her horrible transgression with Jacob. To her surprise and disappointment, she finds him understanding:

    "You are human, Bella. And, as much as I might wish otherwise, so is he… There are holes in your life that I can't fill… You love him." (24.26-28)

  • Bella vows that she loves Edward more and, by way of explanation, she tries to get him to make love to her right then and there. Edward stops her with the promise that they will try – at a better time.
  • As the fight starts, Edward narrates what's happening to Bella through reading the werewolves' minds. Everything seems to be running smoothly.
  • Seth, the young werewolf who's ordered to stay with them, whines for a piece of the glory, when suddenly Victoria appears with vampire companion, Reilly. Bella realizes she was right. Victoria built an army for the sole purpose of killing her.
  • Edward takes on Victoria while Seth attacks Reilly. Bella watches the fight, paralyzed.
  • While Edward and Victoria keep circling each other, poised for attack, Reilly deals a hard blow to Seth and he goes down. Determined to do whatever she can to help, Bella grabs a sharp rock and prepares to hurt herself in the hope that the smell of her blood will distract Victoria and Reilly, and thus give Edward and Seth the advantage.
  • Before Bella can act on her resolve, Edward and Seth finish off Reilly and Victoria in a teamwork blitz maneuver.

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