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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 27 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • After leaving Jacob, Bella experiences an emotional breakdown. As much as she tries she can't control her pain in front of Edward, and she cries in his arms all night long. Edward wonders if she's made the right decision, but she assures him she has.
  • They go to see Alice, who shows Bella the wedding dress she's designed for her. She's thrilled when Bella asks her to be her bridesmaid.
  • Lying in their secret meadow in the woods, Edward and Bella decide to get married on August 13, a month before her birthday. Bella wishes she could invite Jacob, but she doesn't want him to go through any more pain.
  • They kiss. Edward urges Bella to make love, but this time, she rejects him. She wants to be responsible and virtuous from now on: marriage before sex. She also understands now how important her marriage will be to Charlie and Renée, not to mention Alice's excitement to arrange the wedding.
  • Edward slides the wedding ring on her finger as they head off to tell Charlie about their engagement.

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