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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 3 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • On the plane ride home from the trip to Florida, Bella reviews the weekend. To her surprise, Renée sensed the seriousness of Bella's relationship with Edward, although she doesn't understand it fully: "Like there's some secret I'm missing" (2.25). Bella managed to soothe Renée's worries, but she'll have to cut all ties with her mother after her transformation into a vampire.
  • Bella receives a call from Jacob. She realizes that he feared she went away to be changed into a vampire.
  • The next morning, Jacob shows up at Forks High. Bella learns why Edward insisted on taking Bella to her mother for the weekend – Victoria has returned. In the process of hunting her down, the Cullens and the werewolves crossed paths, which almost led to a fight between Emmett and Paul.
  • Jacob argues that Bella has a right to know if her life is in danger, while Edward believes that it's better to protect Bella than to hurt her. Besides, by taking her away, he kept her out of danger, so there was no need worry her. Jacob glares at Edward. Somehow his look causes Edward physical pain.
  • Before the principal bans Jacob from school grounds, Jacob tells Bella to come see him when she feels like "having a life again" (3.211). He tells her he misses her. "It's not the same without you" (3.219). It hurts Bella to see him go.
  • During English class, Bella and Edward exchange notes. Bella's had enough of the "protecting me crap" (3.251). She insists that Edward just tell her when she's in danger.
  • Bella's classmates make bets on who's more likely to win in a fight: Edward or Jacob?

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