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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 8 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Walking along the beach, Jacob informs Bella that Quil imprinted on a girl named Claire. The problem: Claire is only two years old. Bella protests, but Jacob argues that imprinting is uncontrollable and that Quill will grow with Claire, like he was designed for her.
  • Jacob hasn't imprinted yet, and he thinks chances are he won't because all he can think about is Bella. Due to the werewolves' mental connection, the whole pack suffers with him: "It drives them all crazy" (8.62).
  • When Bella tells Jacob that she's going to be transformed after graduation, Jacob loses his temper: "You'd be better off dead. I'd rather you were" (8.237).
  • Hurt, Bella jumps on her motorcycle and takes off to the Cullens' house. Alice forgives her for the transgression. Edward is also very composed.
  • As Bella and Edward are cuddling on his new bed, Bella's surprised about how much physical intimacy he allows between them. She keeps pushing for more, thinking that maybe he changed his mind about "getting carried away" (8.288). But Edward retreats, saying, "For the hundredth time, Bella –it's too dangerous" (8.289).
  • Edward did change his mind on his werewolf prejudices, though. He promises to trust Bella's judgment from now on and to let her hang out with Jacob.
  • Bella tells him that Jacob would rather see her dead than a vampire. Edward comforts her.
  • When Bella ask him about Tanya, he replies that he didn't return her interest. "End of story" (8.393).

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