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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Chapter 9 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • When Bella "officially" returns home from her slumber party at Alice's, Charlie tells her that Jacob called. She's not interested in calling him back.
  • Bella notices that someone was in her room. Edward confirms that an unknown vampire has been in the house. They rule out Victoria, because Edward doesn't recognize the scent. That leaves them to suspect the Volturi. Edward calls an emergency family meeting.
  • At the house, the Cullens decide that the Volturi seem to be the only probable bet at this point. Yet, their motivation remains unclear. Bella believes they're after her. Edward believes they're coming for his family.
  • At home, Charlie tells Bella that Jacob called again. She decides to let him off the hook. Jacob apologizes profusely and promises "a lifetime of servitude" (9.155) in exchange for forgiveness.
  • Edward gets on the phone with Jacob to ask him if his pack has picked up an unknown vampire scent. They haven't, but hunting vampires is their job, so they agree to ease up on their front lines in order to help hunt the intruder.
  • Jacob pleads with Edward that, to ensure Bella and Charlie's safety when he's out hunting, they need to stay in La Push.

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