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by Stephenie Meyer

Choices Quotes in Eclipse

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #4

[Rosalie to Bella:] "You have the choice that I didn't have, and you're choosing wrong." (7.108)

Is Rosalie really talking about what's the right choice for Bella or is she acting on her own behalf here, trying to make Bella choose the life she never had?

Quote #5

[Bella to Jacob] "I don't want options." (15.29)

It's interesting that Bella, who's usually all about personal choice, waives that right in this situation. Is it that she really doesn't want choices, or that she's afraid that another choice might steer her away from what she thinks she wants?

Quote #6

[Bella to Edward:] "I didn't mean it what way – like you have to choose me over your family." (19.153)

Isn't that exactly what Bella's asking Edward to do? Is she being unfair here, or is there a moral hierarchy of loyalty when it comes to your true love and your family? Where would your loyalty be first?

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