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Stephenie Meyer

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Good vs. Evil Quotes in Eclipse

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #1

So if I didn't figure out some way to make things right with Jacob, then I was a bad person? (2.281)

Bella struggles with what makes her a good or bad person – making things right by her or by Jacob. What's more important: what you think of yourself or what others think of you?

Quote #2

With a sense of astonishment, I realized that Jacob looked dangerous to them. How odd. (3.147)

It seems that when we love someone, he or she appears "good" to us while they may look "bad" or "evil" to others. Who is right? Or does the truth lie in the middle?

Quote #3

[Bella to Jacob:] "You have no idea how truly good [the Cullens] are – to the core." (4.185)

With "to the core" Bella seems to imply that the Cullens are different from all other vampires in that they're "naturally" good. Is that true?

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