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by Stephenie Meyer

Manipulation Quotes in Eclipse

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #1

[Jacob to Bella:] "Who need friends?" (3.221)

What Jacob really means to say with his question is: "I need you as a friend, don't you need me?" What does his roundabout way say about the workings of manipulation?

Quote #2

[Jacob to Bella:] "I don't know when I'll see you again." (5.168)

Jacob use his own pain to guilt-trip Bella into finding a way to see him again against Edward's wishes. On the other hand, he is in pain, so is his behavior unfair or not?

Quote #3

[Alice to Bella:] "Sorry… He paid me off… The Porsche." (6.195)

Apparently presents are a good way to manipulate people. Are all presents manipulative?

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