by Stephenie Meyer

Marriage Quotes in Eclipse Page 3

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Quote #7

Though I'd given back the hand-me-down ring as soon as I could do it… my left hand felt heavier, like it was still in place, just invisible. (21.2)

Bella seems to think of marriage as a burden. Is it? In what way? And, if so, could it be a worthwhile burden?

Quote #8

[Alice to Bella:] "I know better what will make you happy… You'll thank me for this." (21.74)

Do you believe Alice is right in that Bella will later thank her for putting on a big wedding now? Is that what Bella really wants deep down?

Quote #9

[Bella to Edward:] "I will not leave Charlie and Renée without the best resolution I can give them. I won't deny Alice her fun, if I'm having a wedding anyway." (27.142)

Bella decides to throw a big wedding for her parents and Alice. Do you think she's making the right choice?

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