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by Stephenie Meyer

Marriage Quotes in Eclipse

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #1

Ugh. I did know his condition. Edward promised that he would change me himself whenever I wanted… just as long as I married him first. (4.92)

Given that Bella is all about getting her fairy tale of "true love happily ever after," why isn't she excited about a fairytale wedding?

Quote #2

[Bella:] "I'm not that girl, Edward. The one who gets married right out of high school like some small-town hick who got knocked up by her boyfriend… That's not who I am." (12.116)

Although Bella lives in small-town Forks, she doesn't consider herself a small-town girl. Is her description of small-town girls accurate? What kind of girl does Bella think she is?

Quote #3

[Edward to Bella:] "I would have wanted you for eternity, even when the word didn't have quite the same connotations." (12.130)

For Edward, marriage is undoubtedly an eternal commitment. Do you think marriage should be for eternity or for as long as two people are happy in married life?

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