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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Questions

  1. Is fighting with your physical body more honorable than using technological weapons?
  2. If a vampire bit a werewolf and made a were-vampire, what characteristics might that creature have?
  3. How will Bella change after her transformation? Will she surrender to her thirst for blood or will her choice to become a vampire turn her into a good vampire right away?
  4. How much does or should your age affect your decision to get married?
  5. What do you think are the pros and cons of sex before or after marriage?
  6. How might the story of Eclipse define good and evil?
  7. Throughout Eclipse, Bella struggles with how she feels about her transformation. Will she eventually go through with it and, if so, will she regret it?
  8. Do you believe Jacob will give up his fight for Bella, as he promised?
  9. Will Bella and Edward ever fall out of love?
  10. If Charlie and Renée ever find out that Bella has become a vampire, how will they react?

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