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by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Resources


Official Website of Stephenie Meyer

A valuable resource for any Twilight fan, this site includes information on the creation of Eclipse as well as a helpful FAQ.

Twilighters Anonymous

This site is hailed the most advanced and complete fan site and information source for everything Twilight.


This site mostly tracks the stars of the Twilight movies, but it also includes info on the books, characters, news, forums, and fan gear.

Movie or TV Productions

Eclipse, 2010
Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will return as Bella and Edward in Eclipse, slated to be released June 30, 2010 (USA). David Slade (30 Days of Night) will direct the film. If you check out his filmography on IMDb, you'll find that he knows a thing or two about vampires and might have to tone down his thirst for blood on film for – as Meyer calls it – "people who don't like vampires."


Vogue on Meyer

"How did a suburban mother of three become the next big thing in publishing with her chaste-but-erotic Twilight series?" Vogue questions Stephenie Meyer on how she deals with fame.

David Slade Admits Finding Twilight World a Challenge

Eclipse film director David Slade talks about his struggle to identify with the Twilight world.

Interview with David Slade

David Slade talks about his plans for Eclipse.


Stephenie Meyer Presents Eclipse

Check out this YouTube video about what Stephenie Meyer has to say about Eclipse.

Fan Trailer # 1

This fan trailer features some nice imagery. But beware, it might be a bit on the gory side.

Fan Trailer # 2

This trailer is kind of like a music video; nice incorporation of the red band of love, featured on the Eclipse cover.

Fan Trailer # 3

This trailer is all about Team Jacob vs. Team Edward; it's probably the most Hollywood-like trailer of the ones featured.

Melissa Rosenberg on Adapting the Twilight Saga

Melissa Rosenberg talks about her collaboration with Stephenie Meyer in bringing the Twilight series to the big screen.


Eclipse Audiobook SPONSORED

Purchase and download the Audiobook from Random House Audio


Eclipse Fan Book Cover

Featuring Jacob Black.

Eclipse Fan-Made Movie Poster

We'll soon see what the official one looks like as well!

Author Stephenie Meyer

Here's a photo of the woman behind Twilight, author Stephenie Meyer.

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