by Stephenie Meyer

Sex Quotes in Eclipse Page 2

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Quote #4

I'd never made myself quite so vulnerable before. (20.117)

To open yourself to sexual intimacy with another person puts you into a very vulnerable place. For one, you expose your body to them. What is so vulnerable about physical nakedness?

Quote #5

Because right now, physically, there's nothing I want more than you. More than food or water or oxygen. Intellectually, I have my priorities in a slightly more sensible order. (20.141)

Bella seems to imply that physical or sexual attraction doesn't have much to do with your intellect. So is sexual attraction purely physical?

Quote #6

You have no more idea what you're talking about than I do. (20.162)

Although Edward is technically over 100 years old, he's probably never made love to a human woman. How might that affect his reluctance to sleep with Bella?

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