by Stephenie Meyer

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Quote #1

Three days could change everything. (3.113)

Bella's physical transformation will only take three days, but it will change everything for her since it will impact the rest of her existence. What moments in human life happen in a short span of time, but change the rest of our lives?

Quote #2

[Jacob to Bella:] "Look at me, Bells. Do I look sixteen?" (5.80)

Obviously, Jacob doesn't look like he's sixteen, but does he think like a sixteen-year-old? What's the correlation between physical and mental maturity?

Quote #3

[Rosalie to Bella:] "You will remember, though. It's a lot to give up." (7.122)

Rosalie seems to believe that, when becoming a vampire, you give up more than you gain in return. What's Bella's take on being a vampire versus being human?

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