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by Stephenie Meyer

Warfare Quotes in Eclipse

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #7

They will have no skill or strategy, only brute strength… The new ones fight amongst themselves. (18.105)

Carlisle believes that strategy wins wars, not brute, uncontrolled strength. What do you think?

Quote #8

The killing games continued in the clearing and I stared at the hazy moon. (19.295)

Many ancient cultures, such as the Greeks and Romans, staged killing games as a popular public spectacle. What could excite people about watching others get killed?

Quote #9

"Do you think either of them would give up if you died? They'd still fight, we all would. You can't change anything, so just be good, okay?" (18.150)

Alice seems to think that wars often continue, even if the initial trigger no longer exists. Is that true for human wars as well?

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