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Ecology: Organisms and Their Environments

Ecology: Organisms and Their Environments


1. What is ecology?→The study of interactions between organisms and their environments
2. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of populations that ecologists measure?→Distribution
3. The birth rate of a population of lions is 0.5 and the growth rate is 0.2. What is the death rate?𔾴.5
4. Which of the following factors can influence the growth of a population?→None of the above
5. Populations of different species will compete with each other if→their resources are unlimited.
6. Coevolution usually occurs between→interacting members of different species.
7. Habitats and ecosystems are related to each other in which way?→A habitat is the abiotic part of an ecosystem.
8. The following are all parts of a habitat EXCEPT→you.
9. At Thanksgiving dinner, you eat a scrumptious meal of turkey, green beans, ham, and ice cream. What part of your feast was the most energy efficient?→Turkey
10. Where is most of the phosphorous stored in an ecosystem?→In the ground
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